Future-proof LPWAN / LoRa platform

A new-generation of LPWAN / LORAWAN IoT connectivity platform

Introducing Skyfield LPWAN

 Skyfield is a high-level LPWAN connectivity platform built to create a message-based abstraction layer on top of the LPWAN network layer. Using Skyfield customers will not face today a final decision about their Long-Range strategy, and will never be locked to a specific gateway / technology vendor.


LPWAN Connectivity

Centrally manage your heterogeneous repository of sensors, including their keys

Sensors Management

Complete end-to-end management of sensors, including their batteries

Data Management

Transforming raw sensor data into actionable data

Integration Management

Integrates bidirectionally with all major IoT cloud services (Azure, AWS, Bluemix, CloudPlugs)
Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Five questions to fully understand Skyfield!


Enterprises, Energy and Utility Co., Oil & Gas Co., Municipalities, Industries, Telecom Operators, Service Providers, Facility Managers and many other.


Through Skyfield they can connect to sensors far away, manage them, gather data from them, render data actionable, connect data to IoT cloud services.


Smart Cities, Power plants, Oil pipelines, Enterprise premises, Rural areas, Deserts, everywhere! 




Because the real IoT has never been possible because of the short ranges and not so long lasting sensor batteries!

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With the best of breed engineering team, Skyfield delivers a broad range of services around the LPWAN echosystem:


The Skyfield LPWAN IoT platform is offered both on-premise and as-a-service.


Our engineering team has over 15 years of experience in Software Design, both in the embedded and cloud world.

Network Planning

Our engineering team has over 10 years of experience in Wireless Network Planning.

Hardware Design

Skyfield provides engineering services for Hardware Design and Certification of both custom LoRa sensors and gateways.

Why is LPWAN so important for IoT today?


Star Network
Deep indoor penetration
5-16km range


Ultra-low power

Up to 10 years battery life on sensors

Adaptative data rate

Connectivity profiles


License-free spectrum (ISM band for LoRa)

Open Standard

Low deployment costs


Localization without GPS

Data rate up to 5kbps (LoRa)

Scalable network

Public & Private networks